Lockwood Realty Group is a full service real estate company servicing Texas and beyond. We use our vast experience comprised of over 20 years to streamline all processes regarding real estate. From the day to day operations of our management portfolio to deal sourcing for our investors, we can successfully handle all aspects of your real estate needs.

For our owners, we offer the complete management service, that range from filling vacancies to make readies. Our services make being a landlord hassle free. We protect your investment and manage it as if it were our own.

For tenants, we offer technology second to none. Through their portal, they can submit their rent payments and maintenance requests. Our responsive team is available 24/7 in property emergencies. This allows for seamless management that makes every tenant feel connected to our team.

In today’s real estate and management market, flexibility is key. Contact the team who is willing to partner with you to fill your specific needs, we are the team at Lockwood Realty Group.


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The History of Lockwood Realty Group

We have a long history of helping our clients with all of their real estate needs. Here’s how we got started:


Cody and Luke

complete their first real estate deal together, which lit the flame for them both to enter real estate as a profession.


Lockwood Team

successfully manage over 1200 doors with previous management company

March 2016

Lockwood Realty Group

launches into business

June 2016

Lockwood Realty Group

broker 1st $1m+ transaction

July 2016


sponsors first community event and even continues to present day.

Nov 2016


begins supporting "Putting 4 Pops" cancer research event.

Jan 2017


opens second office location in Alamo Heights.

Nov 2018


celebrates third year supporting "Putting 4 Pops" cancer research event.

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LRG Founders


Cody Lockwood


Jason Blevins


Luke Owens-Bragg

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